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Inverness Illinois

In 1926, one of Chicago’s leading land developers, Arthur T. McIntosh, bought a farmhouse and acquired ten other parcels of land. These lands, combined with the acquisition of a golf course, comprised 1,500 contiguous acres for development. These parcels became known as Inverness. This The first new homes were built and occupied by 1939. Homes were situated around the edge of the Inverness Golf Club. McIntosh built the first 20 homes, and after that, homes were custom built for individuals who purchased lots from McIntosh. Inverness is now home to more than 7,400 residents and spread among over 2,300 households.

That gives pests living in Inverness, Illinois- like mice, ants, wasps, and spiders roughly 2,300 places to call home. Most homeowners in Inverness notice that pest issues change with the seasons. Whether you experience ants in the Spring, wasps and yellow jackets in the Summer, and spiders in the Fall, ProActive’s service professionals treat your home seasonally- making certain you get maximum protection with minimum hassle.

Your time is valuable! Let the professionals at ProActive take care of the work for you. Pests are a common occurrence in this Chicagoland suburb. ProActive Pest Management treats year-round for pests like ants, spiderswaspsearwigs, cricketsmicebox elder bugs and more. Our service technicians are respectful and well qualified. It’s why so many Inverness Illinois customers choose ProActive Pest Management.

Pest Control Specialists and Exterminators from ProActive Pest Management – Inverness know how to get pests out of your home and keep them out. ProActive services homes in Inverness, Illinois and many nearby cities.

Don’t forget ProActive can also help get rid of Mosquitoes, Fleas, and Bed Bugs.