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Huntley, IL Pest Control

Huntley, IL Pest Control

Huntley’s slogan is “The friendly village with the country charm.” Taking a stroll through Huntley, you can see they stay true to their word. No matter the time of year, there is sure to be a community festival or party right around the corner. They host a Home and Business Expo, Summerfest, a Pancake Breakfast, a Fourth of July celebration, and rummage sales. Huntley is also the home of Del Webb’s Sun City, the largest retirement community in the midwest. Huntley is a place that cares about it’s people, from the youngest to oldest and everyone in between.

At ProActive Pest Management we are a local company that cares about the communities we serve. Our products are so safe and effective that they have been certified for use in daycares, nursing homes, and animal shelters. When we come to your home, we are not only protecting you from household pests, we are protecting you from harmful chemicals, as well. Our technicians are well trained, friendly, and punctual. Whether you have silverfish, ants, spiders, wasps, box elder bugs,or even bed bugs, we know how to get rid of them. Enjoy your summer! Have fun with your neighbors! Let ProActive Pest Management take care of your home.