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Exceptional Pest Control In Oak Brook, IL

ProActive Pest Management is proud to provide high quality pest control to the village of Oak Brook and the surrounding western suburbs of the city of Chicago.  If you’re looking for a top rated pest control company in your area, look no further than ProActive Pest Management! Most people want to know how to choose a good pest control company. We are a local exterminator that provides exceptional pest management services for your home or business! Our pest control prices are competitive and we offer a lot of value behind our customized quarterly plans. If you’re looking to find local pest control, look no further! Call us today for your customized pest control quote!

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Reviews From Happy Customers

“…very thorough and professional.”

I had Brian service my home to take care of some ants I have been seeing in my kitchen. The scheduling representatives are very knowledgeable and friendly and were accommodating of my busy work schedule. Brian was very thorough and professional, and even treated for carpenter bees I noticed that I had not previously requested. My experience was positive from start to finish, and I would definitely call them again with pest problems I may have in the future.

ProActive Stars

Nick V – Oak Brook, IL


“There was no pressure to have a contract and very accommodating!”

I am glad I found Proactive Pest Management. They are thorough, arrive on time, easy to reach for appointments, friendly and patient. I like the way our service man explains everything and is very clear with his explanations. There was no pressure to have a contract and very accommodating! Highly recommended

ProActive Stars

Gina B. – Oak Brook, IL


“Their technicians are the very best!”

Called ProActive because I had spiders in my new house. They were very knowledgeable, courteous and honest with me from the start. Their technicians are the very best! Very friendly, always on-time and they know their stuff. Spiders are diminishing more and more with every treatment. Would highly recommend this company!

ProActive Stars

Kimmie A. – Downers Grove, IL


“…we were thrilled by the results.”

In 2014 we decided to choose a pest control company due to our problem with both ants and spiders.  Little ants were in our kitchen and on our counters and with much money spent to purchase bait stations at the store, we still had a problem.  We hired ProActive Pest Control Company and we were thrilled by the results. After the 1st application the problem seemed to be getting better and by the 2nd application the problem was solved.  We now have ProActive come to our home and do preventative applications. Because of this, we do not see any more spiders or ants in our home. In the summer we have them remove many wasp and bee nests that develop around our pool.  We are very happy with the technicians and the service we receive and would recommend ProActive as a great company to go to for any pest control need.

ProActive Stars

Nathan J. – Elburn, IL



The Lovely Village of Oak Brook, IL

Oak Brook, IL (originally referred to as Fullersburg) was incorporated as a village in 1958 and has grown to be one of the more affluent communities in the suburbs of Chicago. Oak Brook is home to the headquarters of many large corporations in America. Oak Brook also boasts a lovely outdoor shopping center with some well known stores and restaurants to visit. This lovely village started with local residents using the name of Oak Brook as a way to distinguish themselves from their Hinsdale and Elmhurst neighbors before the village was officially established. The original boundaries were much smaller but thanks to annexing a considerable more amount of land, present day Oak Brook is much larger and a well known destination. Many prominent people hail from Oak Brook, including 2 Stanley Cup winners and a Chicagoland favorite, Dick Portillo. It is also home base to McDonald’s corporate office which employs over 3,000 people. Oak Brook Center shopping center, a well known destination, is home to many big name luxury brands and draws a large crowd. It employs over 3,000 people as well, in its’ many retail stores and restaurants. It has recently become the home to a branch of the Kris Kindle Market which attracts visitors from all over with their European holiday wares and environment. Oak Brook is known as one of the more affluent communities in the Chicago suburbs and has many beautiful homes and properties.

Pest Issues Faced by The Citizens of Oak Brook

One of the most common household pests dealt with in the Oak Brook area is ants. Structural ants are difficult to get rid of and exterminating ants inside by yourself can be a daunting and usually impossible task. Ants are usually seeking out a water source once they move inside of a structure so they can commonly be found in the kitchen and bath areas. Ants in the kitchen is one of the most common issues we deal with and we use the best products available to get rid of ants. Home remedies for ants in the home are rarely effective. Here at ProActive Pest Management we are one of the best ant control companies in the western suburbs as well as providing an ongoing service that works towards ant prevention as well as ant extermination. We are competitively priced  with companies like Orkin pest control prices and we are proud to offer a more personalized account experience due to our locally owned and operated environment. We also excel at exterminating carpenter ants. We are proud to use the best ant spray for indoors combined with a bait process. The product we use is also the best ant spray for outdoors as well. Our process involves a detailed inspection and assessment by our trained and experienced technicians, who take the proper steps to provide the top rated pest control you expect from us.

Another common pest issue faced around the home is spiders. A lot of people want to know how to get rid of spiders naturally or how to get rid of spiders with home remedies. The only way to eliminate spiders is to use a product that eliminates them instantly. You might be asking, “Why are there so many spiders in my house?” or “What causes spiders in my house?”. Spiders are not social pests and are excellent at hiding themselves which can make them difficult to treat. Our quarterly maintenance plan targets signs of spider infestation and provides the best spider repellent available. The best way to get rid spiders in your home is to have a trusted technician from ProActive Pest Management come out to start you on a customized maintenance plan for your home!

Residents of Oak Brook also have mice to deal with in their homes. Many people don’t know when to call an exterminator for mice and they want to try to get rid of mice naturally. Eliminating mice from your home is not an easy process and involves multiple steps, best left to professionals. Contact ProActive Pest Management if you want to get rid of mice for good in your house. Our multi-step program involves baiting and exclusion work on the home for lasting, mouse-free results. Multiple visits by a technician ensure that we aren’t leaving your home until the last mouse has! Another reason we’re one of the top rated pest control companies in the Oak Brook and surrounding area! Mouse extermination is most effective when properly addressed in order to eliminate the mice from your home and create the proper barrier to keep mice from getting inside again.

We are also able to help with a slightly more dangerous pest, the wasp. We are a trained bee and wasp nest removal service and perform this service quite often. Once you’re signed up for our quarterly maintenance service, the free wasp nest removal is built into our plan structure. Professional wasp removal is the safest route to take when trying to eliminate these potentially fatal pests from in and around your home. We can safely remove any wasp nest in your house or outside of the home. If you want to know how to get rid of a wasp nest without getting stung, the answer is ProActive Pest management!

Why ProActive is the Right Choice for You

ProActive is equipped to deal with most common pest issues in your home or business. Ranging from ants to spiders to mice to bed bugs, ProActive is ready to put their top rated pest control services to work in your home or business. We are a local business that thrives on exceptional customer service and even better results from our child safe and pet safe products. Our local pest control services ensure a quick appointment time for you as well as genuine concern over your pest issues. We are one of the best rated pest control companies in your area and we are excited to be able to address and eliminate any pest issue we can! Call us today for your customized pest control quote!

Customer service is available:


9 AM – 5 PM

(630) 451-8101