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Palatine, IL Pest Control

Palatine is a community that is proud of its heritage. So proud, in fact, that it is home to The Clayson House Museum which showcases more than 1,000 artifacts from Palatine’s earliest days. There must be something special about Palatine, because their population has more than doubled in the past three decades alone. Unfortunately, if people are eager to move into Palatine, so are seasonal pests.

Its important to stay vigilant against annoying seasonal pests such as mice, ants, wasps and yellowjackets. ProActive Pest management is committed to providing year round service to ensure that no matter what the seasons may bring, your home remains protected against pests and insects. We want to bring you peace of mind from a local company you can trust.

Our technicians are well-trained, friendly professionals who use environmentally responsible treatment techniques. Our sprays and baits are used in hospitals and daycares. You’ll never see one of our technicians in a breathing mask! If you want a safe, effective treatment against pests in your home, there’s no one better to call than ProActive Pest Management.