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Reliable Pest Control in Elgin, Illinois with ProActive Pest Management

ProActive Pest Management is a local pest control service established in Naperville, but is now located in beautiful Batavia, Illinois. We offer year-round protection from local pests and deliver only the best quality service and results to residents of Elgin and nearby cities. With over a decade of experience in the West Chicagoland suburbs, we’re confident we have solid solutions for you. We tackle everything from ants, spiders, earwigs, wasps, silverfish, and box elder bugs to the tough pests like mice, yellow-jackets, and even mosquitoes and bed bugsBy custom-tailoring a service plan for each of our customers, we are able to suit the needs of any pest issue, big or small.

Our friendly and knowledgeable customer service team is available Monday through Friday 9AM to 5PM to answer any questions you may have regarding all of the services we provide.


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Reviews from Satisfied Elgin Customers

I have not seen one ant…“I had trouble over the summer with ants. Proactive cleared them within the first visit. I have not seen one ant. I appreciate your services!!!!”

Rating: 5 of 5 – Heather L. Elgin, IL


I had to call in the troops… “We just moved to the Chicagoland area and into a newly built home.  Being from Texas I am seeing a lot of things here that we don’t have back down there. My new home was covered with what I later found to be Box Elder bugs coupled with the huge swarms of lady bugs, hundreds of millipedes getting into the basement,  and mice. I had to call in the troops, and ProActive sounded like what we needed so that is who I called. Their tech came out and spent quite a while treating the inside and outside of our home. He was very polite and professional.

Rating: 5 of 5 – James N. Elgin, IL


City of Elgin

In the years following the Black Hawk Indian War of 1832, settlers began to build upon the fertile land where the battles took place. Not long after, two brothers from New York, James and Hezekiah Gifford sought out the small settlement to include it on the new stagecoach route from Chicago to Galena. They decided to officially establish the city in the Spring of 1835 and name it Elgin, after the Scottish tune, “Lord Elgin’s Welcome.”


As the appeal of the once-small town became more enticing, entrepreneurs  began to contribute to the growing city’s economy, and enterprises far beyond the successful dairy businesses spread on either side of the Fox River. Most notably, Gail Borden’s condensed milk factory, whose legacy endures today on the shelves of grocery stores and in fudge recipes nationwide, and Elgin Watch Company which was a leading employer of Elgin residents from the late 19th to the mid 20th century. Until Summer of 1966, the Elgin Watch Company was the world’s largest fine watch producer, and their work can still be seen in the clocks of Chicago Union Station today.


Elgin’s Pest Vulnerability

For time immemorial, civilizations have been built around the fertile lands along rivers. It is no surprise that the towns of this country built along the innumerable rivers of the land have been major economic hubs and have offered fine places to live for its citizens. These scenic luxuries, however do come at a price, one of which is sharing a habitat with the area’s colorful and thriving insect population. The proximity to the Fox River that residents of Elgin and other river towns enjoy are more susceptible to pest infestations, including an increased vulnerability especially to spiders and mosquitoes.


Mosquitoes are seasonal pests that are not only obnoxious summertime party crashers, but they can also harbor dangerous diseases like West Nile Virus. Mosquitoes can be found most commonly near bodies of water, such as our own local Fox River and the many ponds that are peppered throughout Elgin and the surrounding areas. After the eggs, which are laid in stagnant waters hatch, the adults then travel into our backyards to wreak havoc while we are trying to enjoy the warm summer nights. During the daytime hours, it’s too hot for mosquitoes to be active, and they rest underneath the shade of tree and bush leaves and in the eaves of homes.


To combat the presence of these hated summer pests, we apply a mist of product in the areas where mosquitoes are known to rest before the evening. By targeting them while they are inactive, we can stop them from ruining your next cookout. This is a seasonal treatment plan to be applied every three weeks from the end of April to early October to ensure you can enjoy the beautiful outdoors of Elgin in peace!


Spiders are active all year long, even in the Winter. It’s during this time that spiders behave in the most urgent manner to survive the cold by infiltrating any warm space they can find. This usually means that your home becomes a shelter for insects in survival mode. We offer a quarterly maintenance treatment plan to keep spiders of all seasons at bay. Each quarter, we reinforce a barrier surrounding your home to discourage would-be roomies from making themselves at home in your living spaces.


Our Team of Local Pest-Busters

ProActive Pest Management headquarters is located in Batavia, another nearby city on the banks of the Fox River, where we are on the front lines in the fight against household pests both figuratively and literally! It is our extensive experience with local pests that puts us ahead of the game when it comes to providing effective service and delivering lasting results to your river town family. Our employees, both in the field and in the office are keen to the types of specific pest issues Elginites experience all year round because they are your local neighbors.


Our technicians are hyper-aware of the wide array of insects that infiltrate their own neighborhoods, and are able to apply the most effective products with precision in order to offer your family peace of mind. When you choose ProActive Pest Management, you’re choosing quality, reliability, and personability. You’re supporting small business and supporting the world-class customer service that corporate pest control companies simply cannot match. You can count on us to provide you with friendly, accommodating representatives when you call our office, and professional, personable technicians in your home. We strive to make every experience with us worthy of your referral to your friends and family. Let us serve you in a way that makes sense for your needs so you can spend less time stressing about unwanted insect guests, and more time enjoying Elgin’s wonderful museums, restaurants, and river-side scenery.