Control Mice with ProActive Pest Management

Mice can pose major problems for homeowners. They come looking for food and warmth. Mice can enter homes a number of different ways, but gaps under doors are the number one way. Mice can get into your food, damage walls and even ruin fabrics. They spread disease by leaving bacteria and droppings on surfaces where we prepare food. They are even a fire risk, incessantly gnawing through electrical wires.These invaders are best controlled by using traps. Be sure if you do use traps to use different baits and place them where the mice are most active. Be sure to place the traps in places where children and pets can’t access them. To be proactive, seal all cracks and holes and install weather strips on your doors to prevent new mice from entering. Make sure your food is properly sealed and stored. Keep an eye out for mouse droppings and listen for the sounds of scuffling in the walls, attic and basement.  If you have seen multiple mice, it could be because you have a more serious problem and should consult a professional.