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Aurora Illinois

ProActive Pest Management is a local company, servicing Aurora, North Aurora, Naperville, and the far west suburbs of Chicagoland. Our pest control specialists treat your home seasonally- making sure you get maximum protection with minimum hassle. ProActive’s pest control professionals tailor the service to your needs and then back up our work with our ProActive Protection Guarantee. No matter what your concern, we have a solution for you.

ProActive Pest Management treats year-round in your residential area for pests like ants, spiders, wasps,earwigs, crickets, mice, box elder bugs and more. Our professionals are well trained and polite. It’s why so many Aurora Illinois customers choose ProActive Pest Management.

Pest Control Specialists and Exterminators from ProActive Pest Management – Aurora know how to get pests out of your home and keep them out. ProActive services homes in Aurora, Illinois and many nearby cities.

Aurora, nicknamed ‘The City of Lights’ for being the first city in the country to have all electric street lights, has maintained a reputation for being a home to innovation. Like all historic towns in America, Aurora has faced times of turmoil. It has faced times of poverty and an increase in crime, but Aurora has bounced back. It is the second largest city in Illinois, after Chicago, yet it is known more so for being a diverse community of hardworking families and, of course, it is the famous hometown of Wayne Campbell and Garth Algar. The history of Aurora has it’s ups and downs, but through it’s adversity this city has found it’s strength.

In the 1830s, after the Black Hawk War came to an end, the McCarty brothers arrived and initially owned land on both sides of the Fox Valley River. The eventually sold their land on the west side of the river to the Lake Brothers. Both brother pairs opened a mill on their respective river sides. East Aurora was incorporated in 1845, West Aurora in 1854, and in 1857 they finally came together to form the whole town of Aurora. In 1856, the Chicago,Burlington, and Quincy Railroad located it’s roundhouse and locomotive shop in Aurora. They became the town’s largest employer and would continue to be the economic pulse of the community until the 1960s. The promise of a good job working for the railroad attracted many groups of immigrants hailing from Great Britain, Ireland, Scandinavia, Luxembourg, Germany, France, and Italy. It wasn’t long before Aurora became the main economic center of the Fox Valley region. While the city continued to grow and thrive it became a safe haven for people of varying backgrounds. It openly supported abolitionism prior to the Civil War. After the Mexican Revolution in 1910, Mexican migrants began arriving in Aurora. The town had a very progressive attitude toward education, religion, welfare, women and overall social equality. In the 1960s, the railroad company left Aurora, leaving the town financially crippled. Poverty and crime became major issues for the town throughout the 1970s and 80s, until the opening of the Hollywood Casino in June of 1993. Now, the casino is one of the town’s top employers.

The city proudly displays its history while also providing attractions for a more modern audience. In the 1920s, Paramount Pictures began to construct theaters that could accompany their latest films – the talkies. The Paramount Theatre, located at 23 E Galena Blvd, first opened it’s doors in 1931. It was the first air conditioned building in Illinois built outside of Chicago. It is a live performance theater that hosts a large variety of thrilling shows and performances; they showcase everything from broadway-style musicals, to stand up comedians, to orchestras, to children’s theater. It is officially on the National Register for Historic Places. The Paramount theater isn’t Aurora’s only contribution to the arts. There’s the Riverfront Playhouse, a not-for-profit theater that has held a storefront location in downtown Aurora since 1978. There’s The Comedy Shrine, a premier improv and stand-up comedy club. Aurora is also home to the Aurora Regional Fire Museum, a unique museum where kids can learn about the history of their local fire department. And, of course, it would be wrong to omit one of Aurora’s major claims to fame – Wayne’s World. For those who are unfamiliar with the films, Wayne’s World started off as a sketch on Saturday Night Live. It starred Mike Myers as Wayne Campbell and Dana Carvey as Garth Algar. Together Wayne and Garth filmed a cable access show with a catchy theme song in Wayne’s basement in Aurora. The sketch went on to generate two films and a major following of devoted fans. While it is said that only a few scenes were actually filmed in Aurora, Wayne’s World put Aurora on the map for national audiences.

As a local business, ProActive Pest Management understands what it means to take pride in our community. Whether it’s carpenter ants in the attic, silverfish in the bathroom, spiders in the garage or a wasp nest hanging from the gutter, we have been proudly serving the people of west Chicagoland for years. We use only the safest, most effective treatments in your house to protect your family, pets and property. Our products have been certified for use in daycares, nursing homes, and animal shelters. Our technicians are not only local guys who grew up in your neighborhood, they’re also well trained and friendly, taking extra time to make sure you’re satisfied with the job we’ve done. We offer a variety of service options and contracts to better suit your needs, your budget, and your time. When you’re looking for someone to remove unwanted, nasty pests from your home, you want someone you can trust. You won’t find a higher quality or better service than ProActive Pest Management.

Aurora is a city that embraces the arts, diversity and the famous midwestern work ethic. They’ve persevered through difficult times to become, once again, a major economic, social, and artistic hub of Illinois. We at ProActive Pest Management are proud to serve the families in this innovative city.  Party on, Aurora!