St. Charles Pest Control Services

St. Charles, Illinois is home to many different pests. From mice in the winter to ants, spiders and wasps in the warmer months. These common pests find their way into people’s homes frequently. Pest invaders can spoil food, carry harmful germs and are a nuisance to homeowners. With our advanced treatment methods we get the bugs out and then come back seasonally to keep them out. Our experienced technicians are friendly and effective. Best of all, with our ProActive Protection Guarantee backing all of our work you know if you ever see pests or need an emergency service we will come out right away at no additional cost to you.

ProActive Pest Management is extremely professional, kind, and eager to help…

“I would highly recommend ProActive Pest Management to anyone. Michael has been out to my house a number of times. He was extremely professional, kind, and eager to help with my specific issues. If I ever have a problem they come out and take care of it. I highly recommend them.”

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Common Pests found in St. Charles Illinois

Ants: Ants colonies can consists of thousands of ants. In fact the queens of some ant species can lay up to 300,000 eggs. These small insects can become more than just a nuisance and will continue to return if not treated correctly. While some ants are just an annoyance, others can cause wood damage, contaminate food, and can become an unsightly disturbance in the home. Homeowners in St. Charles often request the help of professionals to eliminate these pest from their homes.

Wasps/Yellow Jackets Yellow and black stripes adorn each of these stinging insect pests, however each are different. Paper Wasps prefer to build and reside in open chamber nests, usually found on peaks of eaves, behind shudders, and corners of the home. Yellow Jackets prefer to build their nests in voids like old rodent burrows, behind siding or fascia, or inside of the eave itself. Both of these flying pests are scavengers and can be found surrounding trash cans or around unsealed or untreated wood. Yellow Jackets are the more aggressive of the two, however Paper Wasps will sting when provoked.

Spiders: Maybe the most common household invader, spiders make their way into your home several different ways. Oftentimes spiders will enter a home through windows and doors. Others may travel inside through gaps or cracks in the foundation or siding and find their way in through a wall void. Homeowners can reduce the likelihood of a spider infestation by trimming trees and shrubs, taking care to leave space between the landscaping and their home. Once inside, spiders may be attracted to moisture found in kitchens or bathrooms. In such cases, your home will require treatment of both the interior and exterior of the home.

ProActive even takes care of the pests that most people do not think about until it is too late like Crickets, Centipedes, Millipedes, and even Mice.

Also Don’t forget we treat for Bed Bugs.