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Lombard, IL Pest Control

For a stroll through the past, look no further than Lombard. The Lombard Historical Museum features rooms furnished with Victorian artifacts that celebrate the middle class of the 19th century. You even visit the home of Harold Grey, cartoonist of the original Little Orphan Annie comic strip. To add to the beauty of the town, there’s the Lilac Festival, a 16 day celebration that has taken place every spring since 1930. All in all, Lombard is a beautiful town to visit any time of year, but especially when the weather warms up.

With so many beautiful things to see around town, it may be easy to forget about household pests. Whether its silverfish in the bathroom, ants in the kitchen, or a wasp nest in the gutter, seasonal pests can always be a nuisance. Here at ProActive Pest Management, we want to provide peace of mind with quality year round service. We’re a local company and we care about our customers and community. Our friendly, well-trained technicians always go the extra mile to take care of whatever pest problem you’re facing. Our products are the safest, yet most effective on the market so you can always feel good about the treatments done in your home. If annoying seasonal pests are making it hard relax at home, it may be time to call ProActive Pest Management!