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Downers Grove, IL Pest Control

Downers Grove is known throughout the Chicagoland community for it’s beautiful Belmont Praire, it’s family-friendly sporting leagues, and it’s exceptional education system. Unfortunately, the people of Downers Grove also experience their  fair share of seasonal pests. Between mice in the winter time, ants in the spring, and yellow jackets in the summer and fall, it is important to keep local pests under control.

ProActive Pest Management is a trusted pest control service in the Northwest and Western Chicago suburbs. We are committed to excellent customer service, providing maximum protection against annoying pests year round. Our professionals are knowledgeable and polite, which is why so many people in Downers Grove prefer our service. Because we are a local service, we truly care about the people we serve. We offer a variety of treatment plans to fit your schedule and will do all it takes to get the job done. With ProActive Pest Management, you get quality protection from a company that cares.