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Some find a cricket’s chirp to be relaxing. Others do not. What everyone can agree on is that crickets have no place inside our homes or businesses. Unfortunately, these small, sonorous insects can find sometimes their way into our properties, where they can quickly eat, breed, and multiply. If you are facing a cricket infestation in your space, contact our pest control professionals at ProActive Pest Management. We provide fast, effective, and eco-friendly cricket control for homes and business across Illinois.

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Crickets: Quick Facts

True crickets are insects belonging to the family Gryllidae.
There are over 900 cricket species known to exist, but the most common types found in North America are field crickets, Mormon crickets, and house crickets. Among these species, house crickets (Acheta domesticus) are the most common pests.

House crickets can be easily be identified by their light brown coloration and three dark bands across their heads. House crickets are about 0.75 inches in length and have long antennae, large back legs, and wings folded at their sides. Nymphs are wingless but look similar to adults in all other respects.

House crickets are found in most climates, but they prefer warm, moist environments. They are omnivorous and not predatory, feeding mostly on plant matter, dead insects, and food scraps. Nearly all male crickets chirp to attract mates. Once mates are located, crickets are prolific breeders, creating hundreds of offspring and new generations every several weeks. If a single mating pair enters your property, you can have a large-scale infestation on your hands before you know it.

Causes of Cricket Infestations

Crickets typically enter indoor properties in search of food and shelter. Our homes and businesses are attractive to crickets since they are typically warmer than the outdoors, and often filled with accessible food. Outside, crickets gravitate towards moist, warm conditions with a ready supply of food. A cricket infestation in your yard can lead to massive devastation for plants and other organic matter, which can quickly be consumed by swelling cricket populations.Indoors, crickets are drawn fabrics like silk, wool, cotton, and leather — especially those stained with food or sweat — as these pose excellent sources of food. These materials also provide perfect places for crickets to lay their eggs. Routinely inspecting, vacuuming, and deep cleaning fabric materials in your property can help prevent the presence of crickets.

Cricket Control
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Got crickets? Our team at ProActive Pest Management is here to help. Based in Elign, IL, we proudly provide comprehensive cricket control services to homes and businesses across Southern Illinois. When you call us, our pest control specialists provide thorough diagnostic services to determine the cause of your cricket infestation. Then, we get to work exterminating the crickets themselves. We use highly-effective, eco-friendly products that won’t damage your home or the environment. When we’re done, we’ll provide you with solutions and future recommendations for keeping crickets out year-round. Our cricket control services are backed by our 100% customer satisfaction guarantee: if the crickets come back, so do we. It’s that simple.

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