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Located in beautiful Batavia, Illinois, ProActive Pest Management proudly serves our Geneva neighbors in the Tri-City area and beyond. We have over a decade of experience delivering only the best quality service to Chicagoland. We work hard to provide effective solutions for all kinds of pest control needs, making us one of the highest ranked pest control providers in the region. The ProActive Pest Management exterminators efficiently tackle everything from mouse extermination to wasp nest removal and everything in between. Since there is more than one way to get rid of ants and to get rid of insects in the home, and we understand that every customer has different needs. This is why we custom tailor your service to your home specifically in order to get results in the most effective way possible. Call today to see why your neighbors rate us the best pest control in Geneva and Chicagoland!

Testimonies From Your Satisfied Neighbors

I have been very happy with their service…

“I have been very happy with their service and even happier with our technician. He is professional, respectful, punctual, kind, and diligent. He figured out a problem that we had had for over a year without luck due to his determination and thoroughness. I am an extremely pleased customer!”

Rating 5 out of 5 – Katherine H. – Geneva, IL

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This company is top notch!

“This company is top notch! Easy to do business with. They come a couple of times per year. They were honest enough to tell me how to get rid of a fly problem I had. I was ready to pay them to do this work. Hard to find honest businesses that truly care about you. They did a great job as usual. Our technician is knowledgeable, polite and courteous. A+++++”

Rating 5 out of 5 – Curtis C. – Huntley, IL

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I highly recommend them!

“We have always had a problem with ants and spiders. Derek came out and sprayed for the insects and they are gone! He even swept and treated for wasps. They will be back every few months to keep us bug free. I highly recommend them.”

Rating 5 out of 5 – Sally G. – Naperville, IL

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The Town of Geneva

It is not hard to see why Geneva is a tourist destination in the Chicagoland area. With a rich history, vintage architecture, charming downtown and picturesque river walks, Geneva is truly a gem in the Fox River Valley. Much of Geneva’s aesthetic is influenced by Scandinavian (particularly Swedish) immigrants, and Geneva was even home to one of the largest populations of Swedish people outside of Sweden at one time. The city hosts the annual Swedish Days festival and even offers a shop called The Gift Box on State Street where you can take a little bit of Scandinavia home with you in the form of the iconic Swedish dala horse.

The area, located on a critical route to Chicago was first settled by a man named Daniel Shaw Haight. In 1835, the prominent Harrington family bought Haight’s claim to the land and consequently founded the city which beared the names LaFox, Big Spring, and Herrington’s Ford before finally dawning its permanent name, Geneva. The beautiful settlement quickly became a beacon of industry, as manufacturing plants became established by families living in the area. Distribution of processed meats, dairy products like butter and cheese as well as milled grains were Geneva’s early exports, but soon all types of industries were turning out high quality products for the region. The first mass-produced clothing irons were created in Geneva and became incredibly popular with homemakers throughout the midwest. The booming economy attracted Americans and immigrants alike, and soon Swedish nationals comprised fifty percent of Geneva’s population by 1900. This definitely explains the towns heavy Scandinavian influence. Eventually, with the accessibility of domestic electricity, the Fox Valley became connected via the Fox River Electric Company. Aurora, Elgin, Geneva and other towns were linked through the company’s innovation.

The incredible progress of early Geneva residents is vibrantly apparent today. The city has a passionate Historical Society that enthusiastically keeps the history alive in the form of various tours. Even cemetery tours are available during the Halloween season, in which the stories of the founders and many influential Geneva residents throughout the years can be heard about an appreciated at their final resting place in the town they lovingly helped to build and thrive. The Geneva History Museum is located in the heart of the downtown area, where historians are happy to tell about the city’s rich past. Many wonderful landmarks are open to the public around the city as well. The famous Fabyan Windmill is located just north of the Batavia border and is truly a piece of functional art. It is an authentic Dutch windmill design, built as a nod to the culture for which Batavia is named for – the Batavi Tribe of what is now modern-day Holland. The Japanese Tea Garden and nearby Fabyan Villa is a serene setting and is well-loved by Fox Valley residents as well.

Pest Issues Faced by River-Towns Like Geneva

One of Geneva’s most notable features is the Fox River that flows through town, and provides the lovely walks and nature trails that run beside it. However, it is Geneva’s most striking element that puts the town at a heightened risk for household pests. Just a few of the pest drawn to the river town are spiders, mosquitoes, mice, earwigs and countless other water-loving insects. These annoying pests are active all year-round, even in the Winter, when they move away from the icy water areas and into the warm homes throughout the city. Mice are especially prone to enter a residence during the colder months, and homes that may not be completely sealed are most at risk. A mouse can squeeze its way into a house through a hole that is the size of a pencil eraser. That is how easily they can breach the structure! If you have experienced unwelcome critters in your own home and wondered how to get rid of mice in the house, you may have tried to handle it on your own. It can be frustrating to try DIY methods that are time-consuming and downright ineffective. We use a bait-and-seal method to make your home free of rodent activity. By placing pet-proof and child-proof bait stations in strategic areas throughout the interior, we are able to pin-point the gaps, cracks, and small holes through which the mice are entering from, and seal those areas up so they can no longer access them. Mice can cause serious structural damage by chewing, tunneling, and staining, and the longer they are allowed to share your home, the more damage they can do. So, why wait around for the slow and arduous process of struggling to keep them away with essential oils and mint plants? Let us quickly and effectively remove mice from your living space.

Another common pest found in river-towns is the spider. There are many species of spiders in Illinois, and many can be found near the banks of bodies of water, and also in residential gardens. Since spiders are not social insects, they are very good at hiding themselves in their surroundings, both indoors and outdoors. Unlike ants who normally appear in groups, spiders can be hard to target and usually take a long-term treatment plan to combat a spider population in and around a home. Once spiders infiltrate the home, they become domesticated. This means that they survive and reproduce solely within the walls of a structure. They access the various water sources throughout the home and can survive up to eight weeks without a meal. Our products are sure to get rid of spiders and keep them at bay when used with our quarterly maintenance plan.

The biggest concern for river-town residence is a pest that is seasonal, but dangerous. Mosquitoes become active in the Spring and can remain a threat well into the fall, even as late as October. These annoying warm-weather pests are not only a nuisance and can ruin a backyard barbeque party, but have the potential to pass along dangerous, and sometimes deadly diseases to unsuspecting victims. The life of a mosquito begins in the water. Mosquito eggs are laid in areas where the water does not move very much, and if you live near a retaining pond or other stagnant body of water, you are at a higher risk of being fed upon by mosquitoes since you live near an area where they first come into the world with a thirst for blood. Once a mosquito has matured enough to go out into the neighborhoods and parks of Geneva, they find a safe place to rest during daytime hours underneath the leaves of trees and bushes, and also in the eaves of houses to escape the hot sun. At dusk, they leave their resting area and venture out in search of a meal, which usually consists of a person trying to enjoy the outdoors in the evening. Mosquitoes always travel in groups, and sometimes come out by the hundreds. They can be even more densely populated near bodies of water. Mosquito bites are itchy, and can be painful. They can even become infected if a person is bitten multiple times in one area and the bites are not treated properly.

We treat and prevent mosquito activity in your yard by applying a fine mist to their known resting areas. By treating their environment at a time when they are vulnerable, we can both eliminate the mosquito population that is hanging around your yard during the day, and repel any future mosquitoes that may try to move into the vacated area later on. When applied every three weeks during peak mosquito season, you can rest assured that you and your family will be safe from the undesirable effects of mosquito bites while enjoying the beautiful outdoor evenings in Geneva.

The ProActive Team of Local Technicians

ProActive Pest Management is a family-owned local small business that is passionate about bringing Chicagoland residents only the very best in pest control results. Our team is proud of their extensive knowledge about the pest problems that are unique to the people of Geneva and surrounding cities. The pest issues that you face are the issues faced and fought by our team right here in the Fox Valley region and beyond. You can count on us to provide reliable expertise and peace of mind from our family to yours.