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Yellow jackets are the most common and perhaps the most reviled of all wasps in North America. These aggressive, bright-colored flying insects are like bees with a bad attitude: always ready for a fight, they sting, they bite, and they build their nests on our properties. (No honey included.) Like many wasp species (and, in some cases, unlike bees) yellow jackets are the last you want near your home or business.

If you are dealing with a yellow jacket problem, our professionals at ProActive Pest Management have your solutions. Based in Elgin, IL, we proudly provide yellow jacket control services to homes and businesses across Southern Illinois. Read on to learn more about yellow jackets and our professional control services, and contact us today!

What You Need to Know
About Yellow Jackets

Yellow jackets (or yellowjackets) are predatory social wasps the genera Vespula and Dolichovespula. The term “yellow jacket” comes from these wasps’ yellow coloration and is only used in North America. In Europe, yellow jackets are simply referred to as wasps. While the most common types of yellow jacket (the eastern yellow jacket and the aerial yellow jacket) are black and yellow in color, some (like the bald-faced hornet) are black and white, and others (like the red paper wasp) have red instead of black as a background abdomen color.

Yellow jackets measure 10 to 16 millimeters in length and typically feature striped patterns along their abdomen. They are distinguished from bees in appearance by their tight waists and longer wings. They also lack body hair (unlike bees) and have a smooth appearance.

Yellow jackets are known to be pollinators and are sometimes considered beneficial in outdoor environments due to their diet of flies, beetle grubs, and other unwanted pests. However, yellow jackets are also aggressive defenders of their colonies and will sting or bite people and pets if they come too near. A yellow jacket nest on your property can be a major nuisance and a safety concern for those under your roof.

Causes of Yellow Jacket Infestations

Yellow jackets build their nests in protected places, which they often find on human-made structures. Many yellow jackets are ground nesters, though others prefer to build their nest in elevated locations. Prime yellow jacket real estate may include areas under porches or steps, sidewalk cracks, corners of roofs, and the tops and bases of trees. Routinely checking these areas around your property and spraying them with an eco-friendly insecticide can help keep yellow jackets out.

Besides shelter, what commonly draws yellow jackets to human property is food. While yellow jackets are predators, they are also scavengers. These insects will eat meat, fish, sugary substances, and other human food. With a keen sense of smell, yellow jackets will seek out scents from open trash cans, outdoor picnics, and even indoor cooking. Keep windows shut, receptacles covered, and food containers closed to dissuade yellow jackets from making their homes near your property.

Effective and
Eco-Friendly Yellow
Jacket Control
From ProActive
Pest Management

Are you dealing with a yellow jacket infestation on your property? Our pest control experts at ProActive Pest Management can help. Based in Elgin, Il, we proudly provide comprehensive yellow jacket control to properties across Illinois. Our pest control experts use eco-friendly, highly-effective products and removal techniques to exterminate yellow jacket populations of any size. When our work is done, we provide a host of preventative care tips to help you keep your property yellow jacket-free year-round. Like all of our pest control services, our yellow jacket removal and prevention services are backed by our 100% customer satisfaction guarantee.

For the region’s best yellow jackets control at affordable rates, contact our team today!