Why Local Matters | 3 Reasons to do Business with Local Companies

We obsess over our service- choosing the most effective products, hiring the best people, and tailoring perfect plans for customers. We work hard to deliver a better pest control service than homeowners have grown accustomed to. Naturally we thought our obsession with the customer experience and the efficiency of our service was why our customers chose us over the competition. Although this may be true in some cases, we have found that many customers choose ProActive because we’re a local company. How do we know? We started asking. We found more than half of our clients made their decision based on us being a local business. Thank You.

Local Matters. 

When we do business with local companies we actually help keep our communities unique. Local businesses are owned by good people who live in our same neighborhoods and care more about us and our community’s future. Small local businesses are the largest employer nationally and in our cities, providing the most jobs to residents. We support local businesses and care about you. There are a ton of reasons to do business with local companies, below is our top 3.

1. Community Well-Being  

Locally owned businesses know more about their communities and contribute to local causes. They work hard to network with other business owners and build relationships. Working with these companies allows for more of your dollars to stay in the community.


2. Entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurs help build things we love. We can help these great men and women by doing business with them. Sometimes we support them by buying their product or service. Other times we show our support by donating our time or giving of our resources. Illinois has some amazing entrepreneurs. These local innovators are important to our communities as they help provide new jobs and prosperity.


3. Competition

Competition is great for the customer. By working hard to provide a better service or product local businesses compete to earn your business. Oftentimes local businesses can provide a greater level of service by being down the street versus across the country. Competition also leads to better prices. Seek out local businesses offering both and reward them by becoming their customer.