Summertime Pest Control in Illinois

While summertime is a season enjoyed by many people, whether it’s basking in their outdoor swimming pools or cooling off with comfortable indoor air conditioning, these months beckon a host of other problems: insects.

Homeowners shouldn’t let pesky insects ruin their summertime barbecues or time spent with family. If a homeowner begins to spot several problem insects that reappear in plentiful amounts, it may be time for him/her to consider contacting Pro Active Pest Control.

Specializing in St. Charles pest control, Pro Active Pest Control can effectively eliminate a number of bothersome insects, including:

  • Crickets – This noisy insect commonly lives in warm areas of the home, which gives them a thriving environment for reproduction. Crickets can easily make their way indoors via doors, windows or foundation cracks.
  • Earwigs – While they may look harmless, these little insects will pinch and bite people. More active at night, they typically rest during daylight hours in moist crevices and cracks. They primarily eat spiders, mold, plants, fungi, insects and food.
  • Ants and Carpenter Ants – Rather abundant during the summer months, carpenter ants make their homes in dry wood. Infestations can easily develop, as they are most comfortable in windows, wall voids, foam panels and hollow doors. They generally prefer wood that is damaged by decay, moisture or other insects.
  • Sowbugs and Pillbugs – Also known as roly-polys, these bugs seek moisture in homes, meaning they gain entrance through windows, doors and foundations.
  • Mosquitoes – A warm-environment lover, mosquitoes carry a variety of diseases, including West Nile Virus. In fact, mosquito bites alone are responsible for more deaths than any other insect or mammal.
  • Ticks – Posing risks to both animals and humans, this insect is responsible for transmitting Lyme Disease.
  • Fleas – More than just a nuisance, these insects can cause an array of problems for both people and animals, including anemia, skin infections and even hair loss.
  • Hornets and Wasps – These insects are extremely aggressive and are known to attack if their nests feel threatened. While homeowners can’t detour wasps from making nests, they can eliminate the nest dead in its tracks. Annually, a significant number of people die from stinging insect bites, which makes it a necessary reason to eliminate them from a home’s exterior.
  • Spiders – Extremely harmful to humans, the brown recluse and black widow are poisonous, often resulting in hospital visits. Cleaning up a home’s interior and exterior can help avoid spiders, but for homeowners that prefer to eliminate the risk entirely, an Illinois pest control company is needed.