Keeping Pests Away From Your Barbecue

Summer is a time full of warm memories with family and friends, relaxing by the pool during the day and enjoying a barbecue in the evening. But unfortunately, those memories could be spoiled by the presence of unwanted guests: bugs. Humans are not the only species that enjoy the nice weather during these months, so it is not a surprise bugs of all sorts are the most active during this time. Whether they are stinging bugs, crawling bugs, or flying bugs, none of these pests are welcome in your memory-making activities. They may be an annoyance, but they could also pose significant threats to you and your family, including allergic reactions, damage to your home, and also spread disease. So if you are planning on hosting a family picnic or barbecue this summer, here are some tips on keeping bugs from crashing your party.


To start, there are a few things you can do BEFORE the barbecue day that will reduce the number of bugs present:mowinglawn

  1. Mow the grass: Long, full grass is a perfect habitat for ticks to settle down. Take away their desired environment by cutting the grass short.
  2. Pick up fallen fruit: Flies and other pests love the sweetness of fallen fruit. Pick up and discard spoiled fruit from the yard.
  3. Remove any standing water: Did you know that mosquitoes can breed in as little as ½ inch of water? Empty fountains, kiddie pools, and puddles to reduce the number of mosquitoes.


After taking care of the preparation of your yard, there are also a few things that you can do DURING the barbecue that will reduce the number of pests:

  1. Wear bug repellent: Have a DEET repellent on hand to ward off mosquitoes from biting you.barbeque2
  2. Keep trashcans at perimeter and downwind of BBQ: Leaving the trash can amid the barbecue is just asking for pests to bother your party. Keep the trash can as far away as possible and keep it downwind so the bugs attracted to the trash are not accidentally blown closer to you and your friends.
  3. Keep lids on food and drinks at all times
  4. Avoid scented items: Everyone likes the smell of a barbecue, and scented colognes or perfumes will just add to that great smell for the pests.
  5. Clean up: Spills happen. They’re inevitable. But make sure to wipe and clean up spills before the bugs even know it happened.
  6. If there is not much wind, put a small fan over food and dining tables: A wind discourages bugs from staying in one place for too long. Any breeze will help!

Even with taking these preventative measures, annoying pests may still be present at your event. If you are worried about these unwelcome guests ruining your party, call ProActive Pest Management. With trained eyes, our technicians will inspect your yard and may provide some solutions to help your party be one to remember! Call (630) 451-8101 today!