Illinois Fall/Winter Pest Forecast

With colder weather coming our way, more pests are seeking shelter in our homes. The amount of pest populations coincide with local weather patterns of the spring and summer seasons. The National Pest Management Association (NPMA) released its bi-annual Bug Barometer, predicting anticipated pest pressure across the U.S. for Fall and Winter 2016.

How do they make such predictions? This is their explanation:

“Our team of entomologists analyze recent weather including rainfall and precipitation in each region of the U.S. and review expected weather patterns for the coming season. They then compare that data with their understanding of various pests and their biology to determine what we’ll see in terms of pest pressure and activity… Understanding how pest pressure shifts as seasons change equips homeowners with the knowledge to help them better protect against home-damaging and disease-carrying pests.”

Analyzing the local weather patterns of the spring and summer seasons of the year helps the NPMA predict the pest pressure for the fall and winter seasons for each of the regions of the U.S.


The following is the NPMA’s pest prediction regarding the Midwestern states, including our very own Illinois:

“Summer began with a warmer and drier-than-usual season, with some states experiencing above normal rainfall, such as Minnesota, Wisconsin and Iowa. Cooler weather will push rodents indoors for the fall and winter. Overwintering pests will be forced inside earlier than usual if temperature drops sooner, so fall pest-proofing to keep pests out is key.”

Below is the NPMA’s nationwide chart, called the Bug Barometer. Read it and be ready for the pests who want to make YOUR home THEIR home for the cold winter ahead.



Click for enlarged picture: