Hiring a Professional Pest Control Company in Illinois

In the U.S., it is estimated that 75-percent of households use pesticides. Nearly one in five households require the services of a professional exterminator. Today’s pest management specialists are no longer simply looked at as “bug” sprayers, but they provide professional services that require delicate skill and concise application.

Known as Integrated Pest Management (IPM), these exterminators offer services that include inspection, identification and careful selection of pest control methods, whether it’s routine spraying, powders or traps.

Solid, reputable pest management companies, such as Pro Active Pest Control, don’t always simply throw poison controls at problems, but also seek to eliminate the causes, helping to ensure that pesky pests don’t reappear.

Some helpful questions to ask exterminators include:

  • What are the intended results? Will the pests be reduced or eliminated?
  • How long will it take to effectively address the pest problem?
  • What types of pesticides will be applied?
  • What is the individual technician’s expertise?

While Pro Active Pest Control offers same-day solutions within a 24-hour period, they also strive to create a custom plan that meets each individual’s specific needs. Additionally, they understand that some insects, such as slow wood-eating termites, do not require a same-day emergency solution, but also pose several options for homeowners to consider prior to selecting a termination method.

Price is not always an indicator of professionalism. While price is important to many consumers, it is important to hire an exterminator that is experienced and offers excellent recommendations from satisfied customers. Exterminators should always appear knowledgeable and professional, and have a guarantee to back their work.

Pro Active Pest Control, a St. Charles pest control company, offers a thorough protection guarantee that includes addressing re-infestation should it occur, as they will return at no extra charge to the consumer, eliminating the pests in question.

Whether it’s addressing earwigs, centipedes, mice, yellow jackets, box elders, crickets, wasps, ants or spiders, Pro Active Pest Control has experts that specialize in eliminating all the aforementioned pests. Pests carry several deadly diseases, so eliminating them from homes is especially important for a happy, healthy environment that is disease-free.

As a premiere Illinois pest control company, they offer online information, the ability to complete an online quote and also accept telephone call inquiries.