Got Bed Bugs? Here’s What To Do Next

If you’ve recently discovered that you have brought bed bugs into your home, there are a few things you will want to understand to make sure that your treatments are highly effective. Most people know little about bed bugs until they have discovered bites or bugs in their beds. You might be thinking, “I’m not dirty, how did I get bed bugs?”. Bed Bugs can come into the cleanest of homes, if they have been transferred from a previous location. This is why most people don’t know anything about bed bugs until they have them, because there is a stigma around them that keeps people from talking about their experiences.

Here are a few questions to help you determine their source.

  • Have you gone on vacation recently? Bed Bugs are transferred from one infested location to the other, they don’t just show up. Have you traveled recently or stayed overnight somewhere different?
  • Have you had overnight guests? Your guests may have unknowingly brought bed bugs into your home in their luggage.
  • If you’re in a shared unit, is anyone else having the same issue? Often times, bed bugs are found in shared units. One tenants bring them in, and they will continue to travel between walls, until the entire building has been treated.

Whether or not you can determine the source, you will want to contact a professional pest control service to exterminate them. In the meantime, here are steps you can take to ensure the effectiveness of your treatment.

Remain Sleeping in the Same Rooms

THIS PART IS CRUCIAL! If you move to another room before or during treatment, that room will need to be treated as well. Bed bugs are attracted to the carbon dioxide we release when we sleep, and they will travel in the walls to other rooms in the home to find a host.

The Dryer Will Become Your Friend

You will need to dry all linens, clothes, towels, and fabrics before treatment, on the hottest setting. This will help kill any bugs that are living in them.

Don’t Forget About the Vacuum

You really can’t over vacuum when ridding Bed Bugs from your home. Vacuuming is a crucial part of an effective treatment, and will help to ensure effectiveness of treatment. We recommend vacuuming every day or so during treatments.

Contact a Local Exterminator

Here at Spidexx we’re here for you on every step of the process. We ensure that you’re prepared for service, answer your questions, and help you understand what to expect after. Get a quote for Bed Bug Extermination today!