Fall Pest Prevention Checklist

Even though temperatures start to drop in the fall, pest activity does stop existing outside until frost begins. Once that happens, pests move indoors to overwinter. Fall brings the start of the holiday season with Halloween, and a warm fall beverage in hand. It also brings spiders, stink bugs, mice, and other common household pests seeking shelter for the cold months. 

Here are some of our pest control tips and tricks to help reduce pest activity in your home this fall!

Trim Trees, Bushes and Shrubs to Reduce Spider Populations


To reduce the amount of spiders that make it into your home, make use of low fall temperatures to trim bushes and shrubs around the home and property. This not only improves your homes exterior appeal, but also helps eliminate potential nesting locations for spiders. The less foliage around the foundation of the home, the farther pests will have to travel from nesting to reach your home. Any large trees that hang over your home, may need to be trimmed by a professional.

Clean Up Dead Plants and Sticks From Summer


In addition, trim and clean up any dead or almost dead plants for the summer around your home and yard. This will help prepare the ground for winter, and leave you with less work next Spring. This is also a great thing to add into a compost pile, if you compost at your home; or to burn in a fire. The less plants and sticks around your home and property, the less chance of pests nesting near or on the foundation. 

Check and Replace Weather Stripping


Weather stripping needs to be replaced every few years. Replacing weather stripping will not only reduce pest activity by eliminating potential access points, but will help keep heating/cooling costs down as well. 

Clean and Secure Dryer Vent

Dryer vents often get forgotten about, and are major pest entry point into the home. Check that the vent is secure and without gaps, and install a bug screen over the vent. Since you’re checking the vent from the outside, use this as an opportunity to clean out the dryer vent. Clogged dryer vents are a fire hazard for homeowners.

Seal Soffit Gaps and Clean Gutter


Yellow jackets often nest in the soffits of homes. Seal off any gaps in soffits and perform an inspection to ensure any nests haven’t been missed, or old nests not knocked down. This is also a good time to clean the gutters. This may be a task you choose to hire a professional for, due to the heights of certain homes. 

Enjoy a Warm Beverage In Your Pest Free Home


After you’ve “pest-proofed” your home for the fall, sit back and enjoy a warm beverage in your home (maybe chai tea or pumpkin coffee?), that is protected by ProActive Pest Management. In addition to our safe, and industry leading pest prevention treatments, we provide you with a pleasant experience from start to finish. We’re the west Chicago suburbs’ top choice for getting rid of insects that come out in the fall. Give us a call at (630) 451-8101 to schedule your fall pest prevention treatment today!