Commonly Asked Pest Control Questions

Pro Active Pest Control, an Illinois pest control company, offers answers to frequently asked pest control questions.

  • Why can’t I handle my own St. Charles pest control?
    o While this is possible and many homeowners do this on a routine basis, pest management services do more than simply eliminate pests. Pest management not only helps to prevent return infestations, but also helps to kill disease-spreading insects in their tracks. Additionally, some pests, such as wasps and stinging insects, are extremely dangerous to self-exterminate and hiring a professional is highly recommended.
  • Should a home’s baseboards be thoroughly sprayed?
    o While the common mistake is answering “yes” to this question, the answer is in fact, “no.” Spraying baseboards for no reason simply exposes pets and people to more pesticides. While sometimes pests can live behind the baseboards, they rarely live on them, which makes it unnecessary and ineffective to spray this area of the home.
  • What do ongoing pest control services include?
    o Once infestations are eliminated, a service technician looks for signs of re-infestation and if visible, additional products may be applied to help further eliminate pests.
  • How long will it take to control pests?
    o While some pests can be exterminated in a single visit, more advanced and severe infestations can take several months, if not longer to control. Periodic rechecks involve re-inspection and spot treatment, if pest infestations have returned.
  • Are pesticides necessary?
    o No, in fact some infestations can be controlled without the use of pesticides. Some pesticides also use less toxic formulas, which includes baits, microencapsulate pesticides and dusts.
  • How safe are pesticides?
    o While no chemical is entirely safe, companies in the U.S. do not use products that are prohibited by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). This agency evaluates all possible risks and sets specific guidelines for permissible use of pesticides.
  • What is the most effective treatment for termites?
    o While the use of which type of termite treatment is evaluated on an individual basis, both liquid and bait treatments are effective. Baits require regular checking, while liquid treatments are often more invasive.
  • What length of time do liquid termite applications last?
    o These types of termite control vary. Depending upon the soil conditions, product and quality of the application itself, many liquid termiticides are required by law to protect a home for a minimum of five years.