Centipedes in St. Charles, IL

Chances are very good that you have recently seen an increase in Centipedes in and around your home.  These fast running bugs can grow to 1-1.5 inches long.  Centipedes in the St. Charles area usually do not have 100 legs, like their name may suggest. Their number of legs is usually more around 30, or 15 pairs.   Changes in weather seem to bring these bugs inside – in the Fall they are looking for warmth, and in the Spring they are becoming more active.

centipedeA centipede can live up to 7 years, and they start breeding in their third year of life.  The number of eggs they lay can change from around 60 to over 100! As mentioned before they can have 15 pairs of legs, but they can also detach their legs if they get stuck.  Lost legs are regrown during their next molt, and centipedes continue molting throughout their life. The first legs of a centipede contain the venom they use to kill insects.  These unsightly pests are able to bite, but they usually can’t do any damage to humans.  These scary looking creatures can mean you have other insect problems you have not seen yet.

Centipedes love warm, humid, and moist environments.  They are most often found around plumbing – in the bathroom, kitchen, and in the basement.  Bathroom tubs, sinks, and other areas with water leaks are a favorite haven for these creepy creatures.  Be sure to seal up cracks and crevices that can let outside centipedes in to your home.  Fix water leaks as soon as possible, avoiding not only damage from water but also preventing a home for centipedes.

Centipedes can wiggle their way into a home by going under a door or through a window frame, all they need is 1/8th of an inch to find their new home.  Clear leaves, grass clippings, logs and other organic material away from foundations and house entrances so centipedes and other pests are not close to the home and unexpectedly find their way in.  Utilize weather-stripping around doors and windows to seal up cracks and spaces. Door sweepers can also prevent centipedes and other bugs from entering.

Centipedes kill and eat other insects and bugs.  Seeing a centipede can almost guarantee you have other issues with spiders and insects.  Call your pest control provider to treat your home fully to ensure you home is free from all unwanted bugs, spiders, and centipedes.