3 spring tips for keeping the pests away.

1. Pests in the Spring? Prevention. Prevention. Prevention. 

Now that the sun is out and we can finally look forward to going outside again, the last thing anybody wants to think about is a pest problem taking root in their home. Unfortunately, bugs love the warm humid weather, too. Ants are usually the first bugs to appear as the temperatures rise. Other springtime pests include bees, wasps, spiders and beetles, just to name a few.

Luckily, there is something you can do! You can follow these tips to prevent a pest problem from occurring in the first place.


2. Keeping pests out. Start with your yard.

Scan the outside of your home for cracks in the foundation and openings around your windows. Usually, if you find ants in your home, the source can be traced back to tiny openings around a window pane or in the screen. Ants are especially good at finding entry points. Therefore, you may need to search your home several times a year, re-sealing any cracks you find as you go along.


Locate any overgrown shrubs around your home. Trim all vegetation to make sure it is not in  direct contact with the house. These areas encourage ticks, fleas and stinging insects to set up camp.


Be sure keep woodpiles at least a few feet from the house. Woodpiles, especially when damp, make the perfect home for ants.


3. What to do on the inside of your home. 

Bugs have to eat, too. Don’t make it too easy for them! Make sure there are no open food containers in the pantry. You may want to go out and get plastic containers with sealable lids for all dry foods to keep the pests away. Regularly clean around your fridge, your stove, and even your dishwasher to remove crumbs.


Stay vigilant for excess moisture. Wet areas serve as both a breeding ground and a drinking fountain to many undesirable pests, among them cockroaches. Obviously, this means you should avoid leaving wet, dirty dishes in the sink for too long, but it also means you should check under all the sinks in your home regularly for any leaks or dampness. Pests love dark, damp places.

And, as always, don’t be afraid to seek out the expert service and advice of your local pest control specialists.