3 Reasons to Fire your Bug Company and Hire ProActive Pest Management

1. Trust

You need to be able to trust your pest management company. Technicians sometimes treat your home when you are at work or school. You need to be able to trust they are doing a thorough service and respecting your home. When requested, technicians come into your home. Having a tech you trust and believe in is important. Make sure they are appropriately licensed and have the experience to do the job correctly. If you have any reason to doubt their abilities as a professional or question their integrity, it may be time to hire a new company.

2. Service

Fantastic companies have made our expectations rise.  Just okay is no longer good enough. A great customer experience has become mandatory. Do not settle for 4- hour time windows and calls not being returned. If you are not receiving the level of service you deserve from your pest control company- fire them. You are in charge.  One way we serve customers is by being available for same day service. If you see ants in your kitchen and call us we will come take care of the problem immediately! As one of our regular customers we complete these service calls at no additional charge to you. We work like no other company to make sure you are happy.

3. Price

When deciding whether or not to keep your pest company, compare their price with ours. Most people are shocked to find our price is the same or even slightly lower than the competition. We provide the best service/work in Illinois and it’s not even close. Although price should not be the only consideration when making a decision, it definitely factors in.