10 Tips to Fight Off Bugs


It’s warm outside. That means stinging and biting insects will be out in full force. From picnics, to hiking trips, to your morning run, it can feel like bugs are out to get you. Don’t let bugs drive you indoors all summer.  Protect yourself and your family with these helpful tips:

  1. Whenever possible, wear long sleeves, pants and a hat; covering up will give mosquitoes less skin to bite
  2. Tuck pant legs into socks and/or shoes, especially if you’re going hiking
  3. Try to avoid peak bug hours – sunrise and sunset are when mosquitoes in particular are the most active
  4. Avoid wearing heavily scented perfumes and soaps
  5. When eating outside, keep drinks and garbage cans covered – this will deter wasps from hanging around
  6. If eating outside, double up on trash bags to reduce the any food odors
  7. Bees are attracted to bright/ bold colors and floral patterns, try wearing just light and neutral colors
  8. By wearing light colors, you will also be able to easily spot any ticks that have clung to you
  9. Eliminate all containers that are holding standing water – mosquitoes breed in standing water
  10. Remove Excess grasses, leaves, firewood, and clippings from your yard – this will reduce the number of hiding places for mosquitoes and spiders

Insects that sting and bite can spread disease and cause devastating allergic reactions. Nobody wants to come indoors with new itchy, nasty bites. With a few precautions, you can stay healthy and have fun outside!